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100 Facts About Sharks can be purchased from Random House and Amazon.

Book Description
From the inimitable authors of the brilliant 100 Facts about Pandas, prepare to be amazed, shocked and delighted by their new tome on sharks.

Product Description
Leading sharkeologists David O’Doherty, Claudia O’Doherty and Mike Ahern bring you a hundred things you definitely didn’t know about the oceans’ most terrifying creatures.

Would you ever have guessed, for example, that:

· the great white shark hates jazz music;
· a group of hammerhead sharks is called ‘a toolbelt’;
· the reef shark can send intimidating telephone text messages with its mind;
· Dancing With the Sharks was Bulgarian TV’s least successful ever television show;
· and the word ‘shark’ actually looks quite like a shark.

Your knowledge of sharks is about to get a hundred facts more knowledgeable.

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