I hadn’t realised sharks were so interesting. I just thought they were really violent fish.
David Shrigley

Below is some feedback from the “100 Facts About…” library.

A selection of correspondence from confused readers.

Call me stupid if you want but I bought this at a glance believing it to be actual facts since it says facts in the title!! I don’t think it’s right that it shold be called facts if it is actually a load of rubbish “wacky” humour.
- Review on

Praise for “100 Facts About Pandas“.

A breakthrough in panda literature
- Noel Fielding

There is nothing my panda and I enjoy more than reading 100 Facts About Pandas
- Jemaine Clement

Clearly a vital addition to any library
- Creative Review

100 Facts about Pandas is very probably a book you need to glance through at least twice
- BookMunch

You should definitely check this book out – it really is that, er, black and white.
- Hot Press

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